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The Bangladeshi problem

Pakis have tried several ways to infiltrate India since independence and the most successful and least stupidly obvious of them way how they did it in Kashmir and in the north east.

Of course in 1947 they couldn’t hold their shit in and sent armed horsemen into Kashmir, which would have gone to them anyway as per the independence act, but the invasion propelled the maharaja of Kashmir to sign the instrument of accession in exchange for India’s aid, and that’s why it’s ours now, also, that kind of infiltration is very very obvious. Of course, they’re a bunch of idiots and I expect nothing sensible from them except this time, they have surprised me.

Over the last few decades, they have sent muslims into Kashmir and eastern India (Bengal, Assam, etc) at the rate of over six thousand per day! Of course because they are a bunch of morons, this was discovered as early as 1980, and our border patrol alerted the highest officials, but the Pakis had an understanding with the Congress, if they voted for the Congress, they could stay. In Assam, these muslims make up 40% of the entire population, and their vote is enough for the Congress to won. They even passes ration cards. Another example where Congress has compromised on our security and sovereignty for it’s own ambitions, the communists supported the Congress at every turn too.

The situation in Bangladesh is shameful, minorities are treated like crap by the extremist muslims there, almost 100% of the victims of rape there are Hindu women. Our government doesn’t give refuge to the hindus being persecuted in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This makes it so obvious, its cruel, that the Congress wants to wipe out the hindus, this party is full of anti-India bastards, so now liberals, let me tell you, if YOU want to live, vote for Subramaniyan Swamy, you may be Christian and angry at him, but a change from this piece of shit is necessary for you to survive.

This video is everything you need to know: Some of it is SCARY. click here to watch the video, full of ground zero evidence

Also the media is in bed with the Congress, it delayed the reporting on the Assam riots by FOUR DAYS. And now, the queen of lies of Indian media, the most annoying bimbo I have ever seen, Sagarika Ghose of CNN IBN still defends the muslims who have murdered hundreds of hindus and displaced thousands more and proceeds with her anti Hindu rants.

The muslims want to separate the whole of north India into mughalstan, check out the video for yourself.


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The most common question all atheists ask theists is that if god exists, why is there so much bad in the world, why can’t god prevent starvation of innocent kids in Africa, what bad have they done?

Well fuckers, if YOU exist, why don’t you go help? This is earth, not hell or heaven, and hence it can’t be 100% bad or good. There must be both evil and good in the world.

Too much of anything is bad, even too much of good. Too little of anything is also bad, even too little of bad. For every golden era in history existed it’s decline, it’s slow slide into corruption and evil, for every evil tyrant in the world there has always been a successor, regardless of whether he slayed the tyrant or not.

And half the countries in the world now suffer due to the colonization by European nations in the past, and subsequent economic draining of those countries, if there is inequality in this world, if there is oppression and suffering it is due to man.

Atheists, by asking theists why there is so much suffering in the world even in the presence of their most merciful and loving god, you too are doing what you criticize theists over, passing the buck to god. You of all people should know and understand that regardless of god’s existence, it’s men who are responsible, and therefore if a child suffers in the world, god need not swoop in and feed him a burger to prove to you he exists. Stop being such hypocrites.

Written by a theist who does not believe in miracles, so I’m not sure what I am, but I’m definitely not a hypocrite and intolerant atheist nor a deluded and intolerant theist.

Somebody please counter this without swears or insults

Cosmic Stories

In my quest for knowledge about religions and particularly Islam, I have met two kinds of Muslims. First are the ones who believe that Aisha was only 6 years old when she was married to 57 year old Mohammad. Second category is of those who believe that Aisha was 10, 15 or even 17 years old at the time of her marriage or her first intercourse. Who is right? And why does this question hold any significance?

Mohammad is a prophet of Islam. He is revered as one of the most wise, honest, intelligent, brave and ‘every-fuck-thing-possible’ by 1.5 billion Muslims of the world. Walking in the shoes of Mohammad and living the kind of life as he lived is called Sunnah of the Prophet, a sure-shot ticket to heaven. So, do Muslims marry young girls to follow the life style of their pervert prophet? Let us take the…

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Too much of anything is n…

Too much of anything is not good. Not even honesty. As straight trees are cut first, so are honest people screwed with


One word to define Indians:


Think about it, we accuse people of almost every other country in the world of racism, but we’re the most racist of them all.

Quick note, I’m absolutely against racism and stereotyping, except when it’s against a Paki, because pakistanis are greedy, cowardly and traitorous by default. Why? Because 99% of Pakis were Hindu Indians, but they converted to Islam, either to save valuable Jizya tax levied only on non muslims or to save their lives. They chose to accept an entirely new religion and discard their beliefs like they were changing their clothes, and in this process they are now naked, because they took off their Hindu clothes but Islam considers Arabs to be superior amongst all races and hence these people are just slaves converted from foreign lands and it didn’t let them put on their Muslim clothes. That’s what makes them cowardly, greedy and now that I think of it, dumb. Most people would already be knowing why I consider them to be traitors as well, one word: 1947.

But back to the people that did manage not to sell their self respect, Indians. Today, we are racist towards our own people, and of course towards outsiders too.

Everybody from south is a Madrasi, well except for Mallus. Everybody from the seven sister states in India’s north east is a Chinky, my 9th grade geography teacher didn’t know the capitals on any of the north eastern states, there are very popular jokes on Sardars, Bengalis and ‘Madrasis’…

All Madrasis are dark and stinky, all Biharis are village idiots, all Punjabis are dumb, all north eastern Indians are called Chinese and look the same. but these stereotypes may make you think it’s the north Indians making them up, because there are a lot of north Indians who don’t know the difference between Tamil and Telugu, but no, south Indians are just as racist. All north Indians are thieves, the Aryan invasion theory (Aryan Dravidian theory) aided this because it suggested that north Indians (Aryans) ‘stole’  whole of north India from the Dravidians, and pushed them towards south. It also said Aryans brought Hinduism to India and that Dravidians weren’t Hindu originally. This is why there is a high percentage of converts in the south, considering the Islamization of India didn’t affect it as much. Note: When I say Tamilians, I obviously don’t mean all Tamilians. Just people like Karunanidhi

Even students that come to India to study from Africa are treated like thieves, mothers advise their children to stay away from those ‘kaalus’, and ultimately this diversity in our country is fast becoming a bane, diversity is a good thing, but there must be unity in diversity, and though that is considered as a phrase that defines India, that’s all lies.


India was never like this, India is the most diverse country in the planet, not even the Chinese are this diverse, they have variety, but not diversity. The have different cultures of different regions, but just not as diverse. India has diversity, in geography, in it’s flora and fauna (when just 2.4% of total land on the Earth is home to 70% of it’s species, that is diversity), in languages, in religions ( which I don’t consider a good thing, though it shows how tolerant Indians used to be…)


Why isn’t there this much diversity in any other country in the world? Sure USA has a lot of diversity, but that’s due to immigration, they killed their local culture of the native Americans, basically it’s borrowed culture. If Europe were a country, it still wouldn’t match up to India in terms of diversity and richness of culture. But as I said before, no other country has so much diversity, why? Because they aren’t tolerant of it. India bound all this difference with two strong ropes, that of religion and that of language.

Hinduism bound all Indians together, and so did Sanskrit, and now we see Sanskrit is almost extinct and Hinduism is endangered, and that’s the reason for all this negativity and racism. We need to revive both, people of every race and religion need at least one country to survive and make the world a less monotonous place to live in, Jews must have their Israel, Christians must have their Vatican, Muslims must have their Saudi Arabia, and Hindus must have their India, once we have these two factors binding us again, we can go back to the way we used to be, the way we were meant to be, diverse, yet united.


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What makes an Indian?

I won’t dance around what I want to say in hope that I won’t be branded a communal person. I’ll just say it:


There was a time in India when it was 100% Hindu. And since India has never conquered any country or kingdom outside it’s cultural borders, this definition stays this simple.

If your ancestors were Hindu at some point, if not through out, you are an Indian. If you claim proudly of being an Arab, you obviously aren’t Indian and in India, only Indians are allowed to vote.

Subramaniyan Swamy, the president of the Janata party in India had said the same thing, and was removed from Harvard where he taught economics as a summer course, thanks to a bunch of pretty big wusses.

Muslims will feel this is anti Muslim. In fact a retard from this community was brought in a debate in CNN IBN about Dr Swamy’s article in which he either mistook Swamy’s words to mean all muslims must say they’re hindus or he’s simply a retard with no proper argument against Dr Swamy.

Or both.

This might make a controversial post, but I’m not being pro Hindu or anything, if your ancestors were ever Hindu, you are an Indian, and I’ll reply to anybody who makes a strong point against this.

Also, fuck Harvard… Dr Swamy wrote this article in an oped in a newspaper half a world away from this institution, it’s one thing to protect a community against hate speech, and entirely another to violate freedom of speech.

So if any Muslim feels bad about you teasing or dissing the Arabs, tell him to go fuck himself. Same goes for any other community.


In the 21st century, secularism isn’t just practised by the elite educated and modern class as a fresh new liberal ideology, it’s a must in the globalization era.

There are 3 ideologies possible in the world today related to religious tolerance, they are as follows:
1. Secularism.
2. Pseudo secularism.
3. Downright communal theocracy.

Let’s talk about #1 last and talk about #2 and #3 first:

Pseudo secularism is basically politics, it is disguised communalism rather than being partially tolerant of other religions. By now you must’ve noticed how much I hate Congress, so you’ll have to bear with me when I take those bastards as an example:

The Indian constitution says we are a secular democratic republic, this implies all religions must be treated equal at least in the eyes of the state, therefore when Congress proposed 4% reservation for muslims, it was a shameless unconstitutional proposal.

Widespread ethnic cleansing occurred in Kashmir in the 90s right under the Congress’ nose, and the kashmiri pundits still haven’t gotten justice, the sikhs haven’t gotten justice for 1984 yet, and yet the Congress thinks it’s the champion of secularism just because it condemned both Babri masjid demolition as well as post Godhra riots, both involving muslims as victims, in the former, no Muslim was hurt when the event took place and the latter was a reaction to a bunch of muslims torching a train compartment full of Hindu pilgrims. I’m not a big fan of revenge, but I certainly am a big fan of justice.

Another example of pseudo secularism in India are the news channels, mostly national and English news channels… There isn’t a mosque in the world where women are allowed to pray, yet when women aren’t allowed in the Sabrimala temple in Kerala, NDTV made a big fuss about it, in fact all news channels made a big fuss about it. That’s probably when a member of the Sabrimala temple trust Rahul Easwar used the term pseudo secular and I heard it for the first time.

Yet another example is how Muslim women are allowed to get married at the age of 15 as ruled by the Delhi high court so as to not go against their sharia law, yet people think Hinduism encourages child marriage, this is not because they are all dumb, rather because the media feed them rubbish.

Then comes communalism, the above were also examples of communalism except it was disguised as secularism.

I’m not going against Islam here, I have nothing against it, except for a certain verse (9:5) in the Koran, but I dare anyone to go to any place, village, town, city, district, state or country which is darull Islam i.e. Muslim majority and claim to find secularism there… Well except maybe Turkey, which I’m not sure about, but they are viewed as Kafirs by all devout muslims.

There are several examples to support my claim, there are many villages in Tamil Nadu that have a majority Muslim population and hence the Panchayats elected are all Muslim, they harass the minorities especially hindus and do not provide the most basic services to the minorities, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu had been informed of this but she chose to ignore it, in fact it’s thanks to Subramaniyan Swamy who seems to be the lone fighter against this shameless oppression of minorities.

That was an example of a village, Jammu and Kashmir is the obvious example of a Muslim majority state and how minorities are treated there… Saudi Arabia is again the obvious example of such a country.

This is downright communalism, they don’t even bother to shield or hide the atrocities they commit regularly because… well, in a secular country like India, who gives a shit about hindus right?

Third is secularism, which I haven’t seen being practised properly in any country yet, if you know of one do let me know… in a few countries like Pakistan, people don’t even know what it means but blindly oppose it thinking it means favouring Hinduism over Islam, YouTube ‘does Pakistan need secularism’, a debate on their national television for proof of how dumb, how exceptionally dumb those Pakis are.

What’s the point of this post? Well we think we’re living in a modern era, and we scoff at the countries that are still governed by religion, but our government is probably as secular as Saudi Arabia except it disguises it’s intolerance towards diversity for valuable UN cookie points.

I know I’ve only shown India as my example, so if you’re not an Indian, you’re probably sceptical about this post. Well, many countries are secular but not in tolerating all religions, rather in tolerating none. The Scandinavian countries I suppose. USA is still too christianised, in fact I’d rather be a Hindu Brahmin in India than a Muslim in USA. I’d go into caste related shit but this post is too fucking long already.